The No MakeUp Series Logo Development

Steve approached us to create an upscale mark for his “No Makeup Series Project”. His aim was something simple and lasting with high fashion symbolism.

“This series started five years ago with five individuals that were weary about the idea of going makeup-free but they trusted my vision and end goal. Fast forward to the present, I have been able to photograph over one hundred women and continuing. Diverse women from all different backgrounds, states, and occupations have taken part.

The idea came to me on the MBTA’s commuter rail one morning. A woman was tussling through her bag as I was trying to get a quick nap. With all the commotion, I looked up and saw she was applying makeup. I couldn’t understand it as it is something I am not familiar with. As she layered her face with lotion and foundation, I started to think about a makeup-less photo session and how to showcase natural beauty. At that moment is when I decided to take on the project with a few friends which has exploded to over hundred women taking part.

Another part of this project was for me and the women themselves to understand the complicated relationship with makeup and ultimately, social pressures, gender, and concepts of beauty. I want everyone to have their own voice when it comes to the narrative of beauty and hopefully, I can continue to do that within the next few years with these photos and videos.

Photography is not only a passion for me but an instrument that can be used and utilized for social change.” – Steve Osemwenkhae

Branding, Design
Steve Osemwenkhae